What if I have to postpone my wedding plans?

Hundreds if not thousands of couples will have been planning and looking forward to their wedding days this spring and summer and it’s really sad and disappointing if you’re having to postpone your special day. However, the main thing is that we all stay positive, look after ourselves and each other and we’ll soon be able to look forward to celebrating with friends and family again.

If you are having to postpone your wedding plans then there can be a lot to consider and work through. So we went straight to Wedding Planning expert and Venue Stylist award winner, Cathy at Boelle Events. We arranged a question and answer with Cathy and she has some fantastic advice and guidance for couples planning their wedding day – no matter when it will be.

1. Tell us a little about yourself and Boelle Events – how long have you been a wedding planner and what’s your approach?

I’m Cathy and I am the founder, stylist and wedding planner at Boelle Events. My background is in design and events management and

in 2015 I decided to combine my creativity and my knowledge of the events industry together to create Boelle.

I wanted to create something that reflected my interests, way of life and style. I offer luxury, bohemian inspired venue styling, prop and decoration hire and wedding planning. My planning services include full planning, partial planning, on the day coordination and elopement / small occasion planning. 

The way I work with my clients is super laid back and personal. I work around my clients’ needs and pull out all the stops to give their event a unique style and a stress-free planning process. I travel all over the UK with Boelle and in 2018 I even moved to Australia to work on some beautiful weddings in Byron Bay. 

2. What impact are you seeing the lockdown make on weddings?

Given the current situation, many weddings have had to of course either cancel or change their date. Unfortunately this does come with stress and compromise and I know that many couples have been disappointed with trying to move their whole wedding with all their booked suppliers to a new date. 

3. How have you been working with clients during the COVID-19 crisis?

For all my couples booked in for 2020 I have offered them a 12 month (with flexibility) time frame to change their wedding date with me absolutely free of charge. I have been having extra online consultations via Zoom or Facetime with my clients to talk through their options and to reassure them that they will still have their dream day.

I have also been offering consultation and wedding planning support for those who have booked smaller services with me, for example prop hire or on the day coordination. I have also opened up this planning support to couples I don’t have booked in who need some advice and reassurance during this peculiar time. 

4. What do you think couples should do if they have to postpone their wedding day?

Firstly, take a step back and realise that even though it is incredibly disappointing it is 100% for the best. No matter what happens and what small tweaks have to be changed it will all turn out how it is supposed to.

Once you feel positive about the situation you can rationally and calmly work on making the plans to reschedule and line up your booked suppliers if you can. If you are panicking and stressed you won’t make rational decisions and may end up wasting money on things that you don’t need in a panic to try and ‘resalvage’ your big day.

Stay calm, stay positive and don’t make any rational decisions. If you need some help and advice, reach out to a wedding industry professional. 

5. What should couples do who are planning their wedding in 2021?

If you are planning a wedding for 2021, don’t leave things last minute. There is going to be an increase in demand for next year as many of this year’s weddings will be moving to the following summer and therefore suppliers will be getting snapped up and rebooked fast.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to panic book. Chat with the businesses you are interested in and ask about their availability situation. Don’t be afraid to request that they let you know if anyone else is interested in your chosen date whilst you are thinking through your options. Most suppliers are happy to do so. 

6. Should couples change any aspects of their plans if getting married at a different time of year?

This is completely down to personal preference. Perhaps your styling or wedding menu is designed around the season in which you originally booked? There is however no harm in a summer-styled wedding in the autumn.

For those who have planned an outdoor wedding in a tipi or marquee that has moved to later in the year, be sure to add on some heating and fire pits, additional lighting as the evenings will be darker and perhaps a blanket box so your guests can snuggle up!

If your ceremony was planned to be outside, like any time of the year always have a plan B! If it’s too cold or chucking it down with rain, have a well thought out indoor option. 

7. What kind of questions should couples be asking of wedding suppliers when booking their wedding?

It’s incredibly important but even more so given the current situation to check through the terms and conditions of your suppliers so you are aware of any cancellation chargers and postponement details.

Suppliers may also be a lot busier next year and may take on more weddings over a weekend than usual. If this is the case check with them when they are able to set up your venue and make sure it fits in your venue’s access policy and your styling and set up plans. 

8. What advice would you give to couples when having to make difficult decisions about their day?

To stay as calm as possible and put into perspective the purpose of your wedding… to marry someone you love! 

Keep a wedding journal, to-do lists and spreadsheets to keep track of all your plans and finances. This will help keep you stress free and on top of all those wedding jobs!  

9. What’s your favourite part of wedding planning?

My favourite part of wedding planning is being there on the day and seeing all your hard work come together. The smiles on faces, dancing, singing and the pure joy of all the guests have a good time! 

10. What’s your best bit of advice that you’d share to help people feel organised for their wedding day?

Wedding planning only becomes stressful if you let it. Turn everything into positive and keep on top of everything as best you can.

Don’t leave things such as payments and booking suppliers last minute. Keep on top of everything and those last few weeks before your wedding will be a complete breeze and you’ll go into your big day feeling cool, calm and collected. 

If you’d like to find out more information about Boelle Events and the brilliant service Cathy and her team can provide for your wedding day then you can check out their new website. Boelle Events also have a great Instagram feed and Pinterest page with lots of boards and pins with inspiration and ideas.

Boelle Events and Caviar & Chips worked together with a lovely couple planning their wedding in a tipi with a full vegan menu.

If you’d like to discuss your wedding catering plans then drop us a line or give us a call free on 0800 978 8221.