What does 2017 hold for the latest wedding trends?

There’s no doubt that your wedding day is one of the most special days you will ever have in your life, and because of that, there’s quite a lot of pressure on getting your wedding planning just right. So we’ve taken a look at some of the latest wedding trends for 5 key wedding choices to help you see what’s out there at the moment.

1. The wedding look

The look is ‘vintage glamour’ – it’s the latest term that’s getting the bride and groom thinking of new and creative ways to mash-up dusty pinks, bare-brick warehouse settings and twinkling fairy lights. Whatever your back-drop or venue, you can’t go wrong with your Nan’s old hand-me-downs, tea-room tablecloths and shiny candles holders.

Wedding catering tip for the look

You could consider gin cocktails from teapots and a nice afternoon-tea stand on each table. Go extra quirky with a dome-shaped small bird cage as a centre piece (just don’t include a live budgie)

The vintage wedding look

2. Your wedding colour theme

Colours to go for are lush or dusty pinks, copper and pewter that all combine really well and work with sharp black or dark blue suits. You could also introduce the wedding colours into your reception and table designs and some of the flowers available such as Garden Rose or Peonies look simply beautiful.

Wedding catering tip for colour

It has to be a pink champagne and Taittinger Prestige Rosé Brut NV is an excellent choice with crushed raspberry notes and a creamy depth.

Pink champagne

3. Wedding invitations

At the moment, it’s hand-made cards with personalised notes, poems or finishing touches that wedding guests are looking forward to landing on the door-mat. Think back to school, making Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter or Christmas cards and get crafty! Whether you’re an artist who has perfected the stick-man drawing or the next Van Gogh adding a personal note or design will make your guests feel extra special even before they’ve arrived.

Wedding catering tip for invitations

When you start receiving your RSVPs find out any dietary requirements that your guests might have. When you meet with your wedding caterer be sure to inform them of any food preferences and certainly of any allergies. All of Caviar & Chips menus can be made bespoke to cater for all your guests dietary needs – even if that’s children who just want pizza and chips!

Wedding invitations

4. Wedding venue

Barns, warehouses, circus style tents and village festivals are all capturing the imagination of the bride and groom as they seek to wow their guests with a memorable day and ensure they stand out in their friend’s list of ‘best weddings’!

Whether you’re providing wellies, entertaining with fire-eaters or going for a local, organic, vegan artisan menu choosing the right wedding venue can be exhausting! Our bit of advice, having been through the process ourselves is; do spend time making sure you’re happy with the venue, but don’t underestimate what a bit of room-dressing, good music and excellent food will do to make your day a memorable one – a good, happy atmosphere is everything.

Wedding catering tip for venue

If you’re looking to delight every one of your special guests then try a sit-down buffet. Guests can choose their portion size, they can go to the buffet table more than once and it creates a more informal atmosphere. Our Artisan Buffet has meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan options and can be served for small or large numbers of guests.

Wedding venues

5. Wedding photography

Social media free weddings are becoming a thing! Just like a trip to the cinema, it’s becoming more common for the bride and groom to ask guests to turn off their phones so that they can be in the moment and enjoy the day. That said, there are an incredible amount of apps and devices out there that can capture your special day in a unique and different way – whether that’s a Go-Pro down the aisle, Snap-chat glasses during the best man’s speech or a selfie of selfie takers!

Wedding catering tip for photography

Clearly everyone loves a good food photo (or food-tography), but a nice way to capture your wedding reception menu can be in the kitchen with our executive chef preparing your dishes with all the fan-fair of steaming pots, sizzling steaks and adding the finishing touches before serving to you and your guests.

Wedding photography

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