Wedding venues – the hidden gems with secret treasures

Catering for weddings as we do at Caviar & Chips brings about some very special occasions and we meet so many lovely people. We also get the chance to cater at some truly magical locations and venues around the country and it never ceases to amaze us at just how many beautiful wedding venues there are around the UK.

We had the pleasure of recently meeting the team at Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens, a restored 17th century baroque garden just a few miles from Birmingham city centre in the West Midlands. We were compelled to share just how lovely and fitting this venue is for anyone planning their wedding whatever the time of year. Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens really are a hidden gem with secret treasures!

We caught up with Glynis Powell who is the General Manager at the Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens and she gave us a personal tour.

Historic gardens in the West Midlands

Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens are situated to the west of Castle Bromwich Hall, a Jacobean Mansion. They are in the old centre of Castle Bromwich, a large village in the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull in the West Midlands.

The gardens are a registered charity with support from volunteers, donors and grant funds and one thing that captured our imagination is that within the gardens they have a policy doing all they can to only using plants that were available by 1762.

Glynis explained that in doing this the Trust will be able to build up a valuable reference collection of period plants. What’s more is that the gardens are maintained by a fantastic team of volunteers who give their time to help with daily management, running the coffee shop, helping with events and managing social media.

Heritage orchard and 18th century vegetable garden

Glynis explained that volunteering and their historical mission is core to what they do. The gardens are closely linked with preservation of herbs, fruits and vegetables that have fallen out of use. The heritage orchards all about maintaining old varieties of fruit trees and the garden kitchen sells artisan single variety juices capturing visitors’ curiosity for flavours of a bygone time.

Glynis also reminded us that we don’t need to import vegetables and herbs from thousands of miles away, particularly with their 18th century vegetable garden filled to the borders with culinary and medicinal herbs.

A perfect venue for guests and wedding photographs

One thing is clear from just strolling around the beautiful 10 acre walled grounds is that wedding guests would be spoilt for the variety of plants and flowers to admire and the backdrops for your wedding photographer would leave them no end of opportunity to capture so many stunning scenes.

Holding your wedding reception at Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens would enable any wedding planner, bride or groom to create a quintessentially English wedding with fantastic facilities and easy transportation links for your guests.

A wedding reception in a rare English garden

Typically, wedding receptions at the gardens are held within a marquee and catering can be organised so that you and your guests can enjoy a full day. The gardens give you a blank canvas so to speak so that you can tailor your wedding day in one of the country’s rare examples of formal English garden design. Don’t just take our word for it though, go down and have a look round yourself, you might even find us helping out with some gardening !

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