We bought a piano…and turned it into a bar!

Here at Caviar & Chips, we love food and drink equally, although it has to be said that will vary depending on how hungry or thirsty we are, but let’s not be pedantic about this for now. Serving food is great, we have had private dinner parties for 12, canape parties for 50, wedding parties for hundreds and everything in between, but serving drinks hasn’t been as busy for us…yet.

We’re looking forward to sharing our drinks expertise

We have got some great drinks suppliers with some fantastic wines, we have a wealth of experience making cocktails and have some top quality breweries on our doorstep, and we’re going to enjoy sharing as much of this as we can with lots of people.

Now we have a bar, and some fridges, and everything you ‘need’ to have a bar, but felt it would be great to have something different to offer, something no one else has. So we bought a piano, to turn into a bar.

The hottest private bar venue…

Now I do have form in this, many years ago I was sharing a house with a few friends, and one evening we decided we should build a bar…in our shed…and so we did. Now it was a small shed, and we couldn’t fit many in, but ‘The Penguins Shed’ was the hottest private bar venue Manchester had ever seen!

Bar drinks, gins and spirits

Finding the perfect piano

So back to the piano, after trawling ebay for the ‘perfect’ old piano we found one that was just the fit so we put in a bid and won – no turning back now. It was collected and we brought it to the factory, the first thing to note is that pianos are heavy, really heavy, and so a simple sentence like ‘we took the piano out of the van and moved it into the factory’ takes considerably longer than it does to write the sentence.

The piano transformation begins

Day one of piano transformation began with taking it apart, removing a wonderful handmade mechanism that creates the music and seeing what we had to play with.

The piano keys looked pretty mucky, in fact most of it did, but when you have a piano that’s 150 years old, that I can’t imagine has ever had a spring clean then that’s no surprise. So we took all the keys out and cleaned them up, individually sanding, cleaning and replacing. The pedals we removed, as well as all the rods and levers that made them work and we saved the brass for polishing.

What followed was days of cleaning, removing, replacing, and cleaning again, sanding what could be sanded, polishing what could be polished and putting back together what could be put back together. We gave her a nice polish, had some glass made to fit, and installed some lighting and before our eyes slowly but surely she was beginning to take shape.

The piano bars’ inaugural wedding

I won’t give away all our secrets or bore you with how many hours work this all took (clue – it was a lot!) but after a lot of hard work we have our finished piano bar and it’s been out for its inaugural wedding, and what a wedding it was !

Piano bar set up at a wedding

So if you want something a little different get in touch and we’ll wheel her out. Whether that’s a drinks party and you want some canapés and cocktails or you have a wedding and want a bar that’s a little bit different, we’ve got a selection of bourbons and whiskies which look great on the piano, we’ve had it set up as a rum cocktail piano, and it’s currently looking fine, back to its intended purpose as our very own Gin Piano, now I’m off to make myself a well-earned drink!

Piano bar set up as a gin bar

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