‘Tis never too early to ‘ave a Tuaca

“What’s that?” is the usual reply when I pull a bottle of Tuaca out of the freezer at the end of a dinner party…the first time that is. After that everybody starts off the evening asking when it’s Tuaca time!

A delicious Italian liqueur

Let me first answer the question. Tuaca is an Italian liqueur, its ingredients include brandy, citrus essences, vanilla, and other secret spices, it’s only 35%, so slips down much easier than a shot of uncle sambuca, or a nasty tequila and most importantly it tastes bloody delicious.

One of the reasons I love it is how I discovered it – it was introduced to me by an amazing chap from Brighton who had been on holiday to Italy and had a few bottles when he was over there.

He fell in love with it and brought a case back over to the UK with him. He gave some away to friends, sold some in the pub he ran, and quickly ran out, to cut a long story short before he knew it he was importing it to the UK and selling it nationwide. Many a fun night was had, drinking Tuaca, amongst other things it has to be said, chatting about how versatile it was and finding different ways of enjoying it.

I’ve got an old bottle in amongst our bottles of spirits, it’s got one of the old labels on it, before it had a mainstream rebrand. There’s a biblical image on the front, a drunk Noah that had just been covered in a cloth by his sons. I don’t know why it hasn’t been cracked open yet to be honest, sentimentality, the fact that there’s nearly always another bottle ready to go, or maybe it’s a sensible reminder that you shouldn’t overdo it, drink responsibly everyone !

You’ll find many a cocktail recipe online, in the Diffords guide, on their facebook page, but here are a few of my favourite ways of enjoying one of my favourites:

4 easy to make Tuaca cocktails

The Tuscan Mule

Served tall in a Collins glass over plenty of ice, a generous shot of Tuaca, a dash of angustura bitters, a few squeezed wedges of lime, all topped with some spicy ginger beer. If you’re after a new refreshing summer drink, this is it.


Not the most complicated of drinks admittedly, it’s a cappuccino with a shot of Tuaca splashed in it. A simple but effective way of livening up a coffee.

Tuaca Godfather

Two measures of whisky and one measure of Tuaca, poured together into the heaviest rocks glass you can find with a few ice cubes. This drink is best enjoyed in an armchair at the end of the evening, preferably with a cigar and over a discussion about strategic military manoeuvres and troop allocation.

Tuscan Sour

It’s time to get your barman shake on with this one. Fill a boston tin with a generous measure of Tuaca, pop in an egg white, a splash of lemon juice and a dash of sugar syrup if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Now shake, baby, shake until it’s smooth, creamy and frothy. Pour over some ice cubes and finish this good thing the way many good things should be finished, with a cherry on top.

Finally, at its best – chilled, in a shot glass straight out of the freezer, filled to the brim.

My Tuaca adventure is well underway, let yours begin. Cheers!

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