How to create your perfect Spring wedding menu

We find ourselves in the merry month of May as we write this blog and there is an abundance of fresh ingredients coming to life to make the perfect spring wedding menu. For couples planning their wedding day during spring time there are so many wonderful dishes to choose from to include in your canapes, wedding breakfast and evening food.

Using Spring to inspire your wedding breakfast menu

When we start crafting our menus for brides and grooms we always start with a blank piece of paper and then we take our inspiration from the couple even if they don’t know what to have. Sometimes menus can start from one simple idea – that can often be “….as long as there’s chocolate….” or “…we love visiting Italy..”. For our chefs they’re always wanting to make sure that we capture exactly what the bride and groom are looking for and are always wanting to use the very best ingredients. Wherever the inspiration comes from, the very best ingredients tend to be those that are in season and so using produce that is at its best in season (in this case spring) makes such a difference to your wedding menu.

Our Head Chef, Mike, has recently been working with couples planning their wedding days in spring 2021 and 2022 and so we’re also looking at some of the future food trends that we may see in the next year or two.

Caviar & Chips Head Chef Mike Scott

Food goes hand in hand with love and romance

Given that we’re often talking about food, drink, romance and special occasions, we asked Mike what his first date meal would be.

“This is a tough one! Ok so this all depends on what she likes and dislikes, but that aside I’d go for Carbonara – it’s simple, delicious and evokes a really social and laid back feel. You don’t want to go too crazy as the first date is about feeling comfortable and relaxed so you can get to know each other. I wouldn’t want to be stressed or stuck in the kitchen all night! I think I’d pair it with a refreshing salad to cut through the saltiness of the bacon & parmesan. No garlic bread if you’re going for that end of the night kiss!”

So, knowing how our Head Chef thinks when wooing his ladies we also asked for him to share some of his favourite spring-inspired dishes that he’s been working on recently.

Spring inspired menus

I’ve been working on a lot of spring wedding menus recently and I’ve really liked the variety of briefs that have been coming through from couples planning their wedding day. If the brief starts off with a seasonal feel then the ingredients that I have at the top of my list are asparagus, wild garlic, Lamb and rhubarb.

For this example of a spring wedding menu I’m putting together a three course menu with three different dishes for each course. Let’s being with…

The starter course


Wild garlic is bang in season, and it’s delicious! Made as a velouté and topped with crispy beignets full of molten cheddar, crunchy seeds, fresh herbs, such as Tarragon, Parsley and Chive in the oil, and some intense garlic flavour from the flowers and this is a soup not to be missed!

Duck Egg

Ham, egg & peas…..a classic combination! This dish brings a little magic in the form of the crispy poached egg….that’s right! Gently poached the egg, then cool and coat it in breadcrumbs. Deep fry it and the inside is still soft and runny. This sits on top of a mix of the slow cooked, salty ham hock, peas & pea shoots, all sat atop a light, fresh, vibrant pea velouté that just encapsulates Spring. As you cut the egg, that runny, rich, voluptuous yolk will slowly run over the dish and it’s a sight to behold for the eater!


Essentially a take on a classic Fish & Chips, this starter is light, tasty and full of the joys of Spring! The Cod cheeks are flavoursome and soft, but coated in a delightful crispy beer batter. The familiar flavours of tartare sauce – gherkin, caper, tarragon, parsley, shallot & lemon – are there running through a beautiful butter sauce, and then the peas help freshen the plate up.

The main course


This is a slightly quirky take on Spring Lamb, moving away from the typical peas, broad beans & baby gem style dish, towards something with a little more power. The Lamb loin is sealed and rolled into a wellington, lined with spinach and a mushroom purée. This is accompanied by a cumin yoghurt that adds spice and a warmth to the dish. In contrast, the shaved courgette marinated in a tangy mint dressing will cut through beautifully and the mint works with the Lamb so well. Finally, a hearty Lamb jus bolsters the Lamb flavour to keep it the star of the show.


A tasty, texture-filled tart that will change the mind of any vegetarian who ‘always has a tart’. The base is filled with caramelised red onion, mixed with blue cheese. Then asparagus layered over the top, with a final crumbling of cheese and some raw red onion. The royale mix goes interstitial and bakes to a soft, gooey consistency. The salad provides texture and levity, while the balsamic dressing brings a punch that stands up to the bold flavours in the tart.


Golden brown, buttery Halibut is a great start to this dish. The garnish couldn’t be any more Spring! Jersey Royal Potatoes, just tossed in the butter from cooking the fish. Then morels are added and the whole thing brought together with a light wild garlic sauce. A lighter dish but still full of flavour!

…and for dessert


Rhubarb & Custard is a classic, and a national institution. Here is a custard-flavoured cheesecake topped with a rhubarb jelly. The perfect balance of sweet and tart. Rhubarb crisps and a ginger caramel brittle bring texture and another flavour dimension to the plate. A simple dish that nonetheless brings the nostalgia of those rhubarb and custard sweets.


A light, crisp choux pastry bun, filled with a raspberry cream that gives a little boozy hit too – you can’t go wrong! The ganache on top is made from ruby chocolate, that gives a fruity acidity with its finish. The crispy raspberries add tartness and crunch to the top. Again simple, but a fantastic representation of raspberry.

Panna Cotta

This is is symphony of texture. The zingy lemon panna cotta is set in a bowl, to provide the platform for its accompanying elements. Mini meringue, crumble, lavender sugar and honeycomb all add crunch while bringing their own levels of sweetness. The limoncello jelly adds bite and also some chew to the dish. Each spoonful should be different and playful.

Plan your Spring wedding menu

So there’s a little spring menu inspiration for your wedding day if you’re looking ahead to 2021 or 2022…or even beyond!

If you’d like to ask any questions about your spring wedding menu, then Mike will be recording a Q&A on Instagram (@caviarandchips) next Thursday, so do post any questions that you have and we’ll do our best to answer as many as we can.

If you’d like to see any more menu ideas then head over to our menu pages or check out our social media pages on Instagram or Facebook. Better still just drop us a line or give us a call and we can get to work on what your sharing menu could look like.

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