How do you like your coffee? Latte, cappuccino, espresso or a Turbo G&T?!

So I’m a self-confessed coffee addict, but like all good addictions I’d say I have this under control! I try and limit myself to just drinking coffee during the day with my cut-off around 3:00pm in hope the caffeine wears off before a good night’s sleep…and then I can start again with a shot of espresso as soon as I wake up!

The nation loves coffee

I love a good statistic and there is no shortage of coffee stats that boggle my mind. According to the British Coffee Association there are 55 million cups of coffee drank in the UK every day with 79% of the consumer population drinking the stuff – as a country we clearly love our cup of Joe!

Of course, with the explosion of coffee shops on every street, serving every variation known to man, woman and child, there’s more choice than ever before and so I wasn’t surprised to hear about the growing trend of Cold Brew coffee. But when it was explained to me that there’s more than one cocktail that a cold brew compliments; well…then I was intrigued.

An education in cold brew coffee

I had the pleasure of having lunch with Nicola Barretta, the lead for marketing and operations of Brass Monkeys, the latest cold brew brand to hit London. We met in trendy Soho at a French Bistro style restaurant called Blanchette (of course cocktails were on the menu) and I received an education in all things cold brew coffee. Nicola explained:

Cold Brew is a fairly new concept to London and the rest of the UK with mainly independent stores, bars and restaurants stocking the product. But in the U.S. cold brew has been going a lot longer and is very much a household name now.

The process for making cold brew is where ground coffee beans are steeped in cold water for an extended period of time and at Brass Monkeys we do this for 20 hours.

The brew is then triple filtered which then leaves a delicious and concentrated cold coffee which we can then dilute and either bottle or can. At the moment Brass Monkeys is available in bottles, but we’re looking to introduce cans very soon.

The difference with cold brew is that because of the process, the coffee is bolder, smoother and a much more rounded clear, coffee flavour. In hot coffee, the levels of acid are quite high, but cold brew reduces these levels and so it’s tastier and naturally sweet’.

That all sounds lovely and I have to say it does taste delicious too, especially as we’ll be moving into warmer months when a cold brew will be a much welcomed refreshment. So then we get on to the cocktails and Brass Monkeys have given us three of their specialties to try:

Three great cold brew coffee cocktails

Brass Brewtini Cocktail

1. Brass Brewtini

  • 50ml of premium vodka
  • 50ml of Brass Monkeys cold brew coffee
  • 25ml Kalhua

This is a coffee twist on the classic vodka martini. Best served in a large martini glass with lots of crushed ice and garnish with a dusting of cinnamon.

2. Turbo G&T

Turbo G&T Cocktail
  • 35ml of premium gin
  • 10ml of Brass Monkeys cold brew coffee
  • Tonic water

Served in a long Collins glass, this caffeinated gin and tonic is refreshing and energising. Be sure to make the gin and tonic first and then add the cold brew last so that it just sits on top with an orange or lemon peel to garnish and give that zesty finish.

3. Brass and Bourbon

Brass & Bourbon Cocktail
  • 35ml of premium bourbon whiskey
  • 70ml of Brass Monkeys cold brew coffee

Really easy to make and best served in a tumbler glass with ice – the colour is fantastic and has delicious grain oak taste sweetened by the cold brew.

So how can you get hold of some Brass Monkeys cold brew coffee? Well here’s a link to their stockists and we’re also delighted to be working with the fine people of Brass Monkeys as we’ve added their Turbo G&T to our cocktail menu especially for our clients.

Now I’ve finished writing this before 3:00pm, so I definitely deserve a brew…!

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