Going street-food with your wedding evening food

We love getting creative with our food and drink catering at Caviar & Chips. Over the last few months we’ve been working with lots of happy couples planning their wedding day and as we’ve been developing their wedding menu we’ve asked what food they’ve missed most.

It’s been surprising the amount of people that have said “I just want a great big, dirty burger”! This alongside loaded fries, hotdogs and favourite street-foods has been a common answer. So this prompted us to develop some creative dishes that we can serve as part of the evening wedding catering during the party time of the wedding celebrations.

Our chef, Ian Meek, has been in the Caviar & Chips Kitchen Lab and creating some of his favourite street-food dishes. It’s worth forewarning you that this isn’t for the faint-hearted. We have some gargantuan portions, some quite messy foods that need careful handling, but above all else they are certain to wow your guests and taste incredible. Over to Ian to talk us through each of his dishes.

Creative Sandwiches

I see a sandwich as a blank canvas. There’s so many different types: Toasties, wraps, tacos, burritos, burgers, bao, kebabs, panini, bagels, quesadillas, hotdogs to name but a few. I love getting playful with different ingredients and I also love loading my sandwiches so the bread is bursting with colour, substance and flavour. My advice with sandwiches is go crazy!

I was asked by one of our clients to create a full, vegan sandwich that wouldn’t curl at the edges at the end of the night, so I went for this Carrot Bhaji, Peanut & Coriander Chutney, Pickled Red Onion on Focaccia.

The bhaji gives the substance and the focaccia has a great soft texture that gives a completely different feel to a slice of bread or traditional bun. When offering your wedding guests sandwiches on the menu, they won’t be expecting one of these!

Bao Buns

There’s a few different styles of Bao but the type that’s particularly in vogue in street-food currently is the Taiwanese style. A typical filling would be pork belly, lightly pickled cucumber and peanuts. This ticks all the right boxes in terms of flavour and texture: umami, salty, sweet, acidic, crunchy – it’s all going on. If you follow this template then there’s no end to the number of different fillings you can have on your wedding menu. A personal favourite is crispy tofu, kimchi and toasted peanuts.

This version is a delicious Slow Roasted Duck Leg, Hoisin & Peanuts. There’s so many different combinations you can create and use in your catering and just as your guests are warming up on the dance floor, these Boas will be heartily enjoyed by all.

Dirty Burgers

A good rule of thumb in cooking is “less is more”. However there are occasions when more is actually more. This is one of those times. However, burgers are designed to be eaten by hand so a quadruple patty burger loaded with extras is going to be tricky to eat. Also, quirky is good but there’s a fine line between classy and tacky when getting creative with your wedding menu.

Avoid add-ons such as lucky charms, pop tarts and flavours – these will let down your dirty burger. But do try this street-food dirty burger on for size: A 6oz Patty, Potato Roll, Kimchi Mayo, Maple Roasted Bacon, Smoked Cheddar.


You can’t go wrong with the classic combination of ketchup, mustard and onions but there’s plenty of other great options for toppings too: Pulled Pork, Mac n’ Cheese, Brisket Chilli, and Kimchi.

The hotdog has come a long way and again they can be a really filling snack as part of your evening wedding catering.This is one of my favourites, a Classic Hot Dog topped with BBQ Sauce, Baconaise & Crispy Onions…watch out white wedding dress!


Speaking of white wedding dresses, if there’s one dish that does get you nice and messy, that’s ribs! There’s a few different routes you can take with pork ribs. Asian flavours work fantastically but the ones pictured here have been braised in beer and then reduced with mustard to form a glaze.

Your wedding guests will probably need to sit down to eat these, or just tuck in when they’re at that stage of the night when little else matters and you just want to feast!


Very few people in the UK have experienced great tacos. There can be great confusion and misconception about how to eat one, why they break so easily and what all the fuss is about.

That said, there’s lots of different styles and again you need the right balance of different textures and flavours (salty, spicy etc). When we’re preparing ingredients and making a handmade taco it is nothing like anything you can get in a supermarket. Add in some great fillings and salsas and you’ll never go back to an old El Paso kit again.

This taco is a Barbecued Chicken, Pico de Galo, Chipotle Sour Cream and you can see how the taco cradles the filling so you get all of those ingredients and flavours held together. You could probably enjoy two or three of these quite easily and they’re a great way to give your wedding guests different ingredient combinations with DIY tacos too.

Buffalo Cauliflower “Wings”

Vegan food is not all kale and quinoa. With possibly the exception of hotdogs, most street-food lends itself well to vegan interpretations. These buffalo cauliflower “wings” and a vegan take on chicken and waffles using oyster mushrooms as the star ingredient are so tasty. A little messy like ribs, but they’re a great addition to your street-food menu and also make a nice side dish as part of a BBQ or even a tapas style wedding breakfast.

Loaded Fries

Possibly one of the most staple ingredients on a British menu is a chip. What better way to conclude a Caviar & Chips catering blog than with the the great British classic…served differently!

Loaded fries are exactly that and you can get as carried away as you like. Much like the Dirty Burger, loaded fries are better with more. Try Crispy Onion, Chipotle Mayo, Melted Cheese and Chives and your taste buds will not know what’s hit them!

So there you have it, an amazing and delicious selection of street-food dishes that you could serve as part of your wedding evening food or even if you’re going for a festival, boho vibe for your wedding day.

For more ideas for catering for your menu for your wedding or event you can check out some of our stories and example events. You can also look through our menu brochure with even more menu and catering ideas for your day.

To start your bespoke menu with Caviar & Chips just drop us a line or give us a call 0800 978 8221 and our chefs can get to work a craft a menu just for you.