Big yurts, little yurts (squrts) and all those in between!

We are Mary and Henry and, with a little help from our team, we make and rent yurts for a living: big yurts, little yurts (squrts) and all those in between. We lived under yurt canvas for five years in our own little off grid paradise with the whiff of woodsmoke in the air and the wind rustling in the trees. Our own personal experience of this ancient, nomadic lifestyle has inspired our business.

From aspiring off-gridders to large corporate events

Making stuff is at the heart of what we do and is where we are both at our most content. Setting about making our first rudimentary yurt was a painstaking effort but, from these modest beginnings, we have refined our techniques and we now build some of the biggest and finest yurts in the UK. We enjoy sharing our passion for yurts with varied clients from the aspiring off-gridder to large corporate events, glampsites and festivals.

Yurts rooted in traditional crafts and design

Our yurts are rooted in a respect for the traditional crafts of Central Asia and the fundamentals of yurt design have been altered very little. However, over the last twenty years or so, since yurts first began to be seen in the UK, a new vernacular ‘UK-Yurt’ has been developed that is suitable for our climate and the materials that we have available. Our yurts are similar to those found in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan with curved rafters and steam bent crowns, but we make them using modern technology and sustainably sourced local timber.

Craft and design of yurt construction

A reputation for spectacular double height festival-style wedding yurts

We have become known for our spectacular double height festival-style wedding yurts. To rent one of these for your event is really rather special, whether you are planning a DIY festival themed wedding or formal fine dining. We can also join yurts together for a really stunning and versatile space.

Festival-style wedding yurt

Making events special

We are delighted to be working in partnership with another local company, Caviar & Chips Catering, who also care about how things are made and are committed to making your event that little bit more special.

Inside yurt set-up for wedding catering

If you would like to get in touch with us about renting a yurt please email Mary on or call 07971 524511. There are also a lot more images and ideas for yurt weddings and events on our website

Images courtesy of Gemma Wilson Photography

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