Ask the chef – Your questions for Spring wedding menus

Over recent weeks, we’ve had many enquiries and bookings from couples planning their wedding day between March and May 2021 and 2022 and while we’ve been crafting their wedding menus there have come about some great, unique menus that we’ll be serving.

So last week we published a blog about Spring inspired wedding menus to share some of the ideas we developed. We had some lovely feedback and some great questions and comments and so with our Head Chef, Mike Scott, we’ve recorded a quick Q&A.

When we’re crafting our menus and when we’re delivering menu tastings for our clients, the great thing is that we have our chefs with us giving lots of tips and advice. Hopefully this is a good way to share that chef wisdom with many more people looking for ideas and inspiration.

Click the recording below to watch and listen to Mike or you can read through his answers transcribed below:

1. Josh asks: I got engaged in New York last year and I’d really like to bring in some New York or American style dishes into my wedding menu – what would you suggest?

Some of the things that come to mind are canapes with New York style bagels, pastrami, pickles and mini-slider burgers.

For a starter course you could do a terrine – a salt beef terrine with mustard and pickles with some sauerkraut – perhaps a take on a New York sandwich. Manhattan Clam Chowders could be a nice fish course.

A Shawarma is a New York favorite – made with a whole sliced Celeriac. Set in butter and cooked on a skewer like a vegetarian kebab.

You’ve got your New Your Cheesecake for dessert and then perhaps for evening food you could have your dollar slice of New York pizza. Huge slices of pizza rather than an Italian style stone-baked version.

2. Clare asks: I’d like to do a BBQ for my evening food at my wedding next May. Are there any good spring BBQ ideas?

I think of a southern America BBQ which doesn’t have to obey any of the seasons. I do like a lovely Moroccan Lamb Marinade. It takes me back to BBQs as a child, in my old garden with my parents. This would be one of the first things I’d write on a BBQ menu

Brisket, Pulled Pork, Pulled Belly Ribs, rubbed and smoked and glazed with BBQ sauce. Sausages with cider braised onions, Jalapeno corn bread and new potatoes with spring onion would work well in Spring as a side dish. With some smoked bacon and blue cheese crumbled on top with crispy onions makes a great salad!

Paprika and marinated chicken A feta, spring onion and pomegranate salad is lovely and fresh and has got great texture about it.

3. Richard asks: I just think of Lamb and Asparagus at Spring time and wonder what could I do that goes beyond this and surprise my guests at my wedding?

Chicken and pork are two great meats that work well in Spring. There’s lots of ways you can cook pork particularly such as slow cooked, belly, tenderloin or a rack. These work really well as sharing dishes at the table too.

Move away from asparagus and you could have things like wild garlic and Jersey Royal potatoes, peas, broad beans, Lamb’s lettuce, rocket, radishes. Crab is perfect this time of year, Halibut, Mackerel all great fish dishes too.

4. Siobhan said: I just love chocolate! What could I do with a chocolate dessert that makes it more interesting and brings in the theme of Spring for my wedding?

There are a lot of places to go with chocolate. Keeping it with Spring you could simply have a chocolate mousse. Devil’s Food Cake is the best chocolate sponge… ever! It comes from the 1920s and uses mayonnaise instead of butter. Serve these with fresh or crispy raspberries, perhaps a Chambord cream.

I’m a big fan of a caramelised white chocolate mousse with a compote and some blackberries.

Bourbon Brandy Snaps with cherry mascarpone and chocolate soil is really nice. A cherry and chocolate bavarois with aramony cherries is delicious.

5. Jenni says: I’m having a three course menu for my wedding and would like to give my guests three choices for each course with a meat, fish and vegetarian option. What would you recommend?

I’m going to go for Lamb for the meat dish. With roasted Jersey Royals, charred baby gem lettuce with pea, broad bean and asparagus fricassee – Spring on a plate!

For the fish dish I’d go for Salmon. It’s light but filling. Probably with some crushed new potatoes, with asparagus and some wild garlic veloute

For the vegetarian dish I’d have an Aubergine Schnitzel. Sliced and roasted aubergine. Make similar to a sandwich with feta which has chilli and mint through deep fried in breadcrumbs with some roasted pepper and onion salad with spring onions and pomegranate salsa.

6. Bec asked: I’ve had to postpone my summer wedding to March 2021 in early Spring. My original wedding menu was light with sharing salads, but what should I do now for a Spring menu?

Beef is a nice meat to serve and using a single muscle of rump with pommes anna, asparagus and watercress puree. This also lends itself to a nice sharing dish

A sharing rack of Lamb could be carved at the table with roasted beetroot with some charred broccoli and boulangere potato with Lamb stock – it makes the best kind of boulangere potato with the Lamb flavours. Think of a classic Lamb Hotpot.

If you liked fish then a nice starter could be Mackerel – beetroot, potato and horseradish salad with a bit of watercress. A warm spring salad with peas, broad beans, courgette, wild garlic, asparagus, spring onion makes a great side dish that goes with anything!

An asparagus risotto or beef stew with wild garlic dumplings. Garlic and herb roasted new potatoes, especially Jersey Royals with some sea salt

A bit more refined you could have a light crab salad with a shellfish jelly and a Bloody Mary dressing running through.

Hopefully all these answers and ideas help everyone with their Spring wedding menu ideas. There’s a lot of great ingredients we can use in this country that are in season and make delicious dishes that make your menus really interesting.

The next blog we have coming up will be on canape ideas. Lots of different ways to be creative with mini-foods, perfect for drinks receptions and keeping guests entertained and nourished before your wedding breakfast.

To start your bespoke menu with Caviar & Chips drop us a line or give us a call 0800 978 8221 and our chefs can get to work a craft a menu just for you.