A Classic Beef Sunday Roast – Caviar & Chips Style

We love getting into the Kitchen Lab at Caviar & Chips – take classic and traditional dishes and see how we can add, twist and recreate them to surprise and delight our clients. Our Chefs have hundreds of ideas running through their heads every day and so when we get into the kitchen, we try to capture as many as we can. It’s great to share a little of this insight into how you too can get creative in the kitchen or serve a menu at an event that will “wow” your guests.

Caviar & Chips Kitchen Lab

Recreating a classic Sunday roast

In this blog from the Caviar & Chips Kitchen Lab, we’re going to recreate the Beef Sunday Roast. We always ask our clients what their favourite dish is and so many times the answer is “a good roast”. There is however a hesitation to serve a roast at a wedding or a special event as some clients are concerned that it won’t be different enough from what people have at home. That’s where we get creative and our chefs start weaving their magic.

Duo of Beef Sunday roast

It doesn’t get more classic and homely than a Sunday roast dinner and while the weather is still a bit cold, there isn’t a more comforting dish. Our Head Chef, Mike, took up the challenge to see how he could transform this British classic.

Caviar & Chips Head Chef gets creative

“I wanted to look at the roast and do a little twist on how we might prepare this in The Kitchen Lab at Caviar & Chips – I don’t think you can get away with playing around with the trimmings too much, so I’ve kept them the same, but I’ve been working on some ideas that I wanted to see how they’d work out in the kitchen.

A sirloin of beef

So I’m going to go with a beef roast dinner and for me I love a sirloin of beef which I’ve been basting in loads of butter. We need to make sure we baste the beef first before going into the oven and this is an important stage of the cooking to start getting all of those flavours going. So we get a generous portion of butter with some thyme and some garlic and get it cooking in a pan so it begins to foam. The process is simple and it’s just a case of constantly spooning over the butter onto the beef which will just make it taste amazing! With a lean piece of meat like this, it always helps to add a bit of flavour that might be missing from a more fatty cut. Infuse this with a bit of thyme and garlic and then the flavours just get a bit more interesting – it’s a magical thing!


Something different with a Yorkshire pudding

In addition to this, we’re going for a duo of beef in our roast dinner, so I’ve also got a short rib of beef which I’ve braised down and pulled down mixed with some jus. The difference here is that I’m going to mix this into the base of a Yorkshire pudding. So you’ll get all of that beefy taste and richness in the base of the Yorkshire pudding as you cut into it.

It might seem like a meat over-load, but this combination works really well. You’ll get a really nice tender pink meat from the sirloin, but then you’ll also get a really nice soft, pulled, rich meat from within the Yorkshire pudding.The short rib gives a big intense flavour and will be a taste, surprise, sensation!


Truffle Cauliflower Cheese

Along with this I’m going to add a Cauliflower Cheese, but of course we need to go a little extra in The

Kitchen Lab and so I’ve got a three cheese mix and a little truffle for that bit of earthy flavour. I like to bring in some extra flavours and so cooked with shallots and thyme as well. The three cheeses I’m using are; Waterloo (which is a soft cheese), a Cheddar and a Gouda. These are great cheeses to put together as they mix really well and then I’m going to stir in a little truffle paste to finish.

Everyone loves roast potatoes

To complete the Sunday roast we of course need roast potatoes and so we’re having garlic and herb roast potatoes. A little bit of savoy cabbage for our greens. Then a crusted carrot – so this is a carrot that’s been roasted and then brushed with a little mustard and then tossed in a mix of crispy onions, a mix of some of the short rib beef and some bread crumbs. This way you’ll have a nice bit of crunch on the carrot, but also a lovely butteriness of carrot when you bite through.

Add the Truffle Cauliflower Cheese on the plate with short-rib Yorkshire pudding and when plating the pink sirloin of beef cut generously and serve on the top of the vegetables. Finish with a little of the sauce from the meat to complete the dish and voila!

Finished dish Duo of Beef Sunday roast

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