8 great reasons to include canapés at your wedding

So here’s a piece that is relevant for everyone planning any kind of event, but especially so for those planning their wedding day. Let’s assume you have a beautiful wedding venue booked and you’ve organised your theme and even have your photographer and flowers sorted. Then it comes to food and what you’ll feed your guests during the most magical and special day of your life! Well here are 8 great reasons why we think that canapés should be part of your catering plans:

1. Canapés look cool!

Mini burger wedding canapés

OK so that sounds a bit lame, but it does look very cool when your guests are milling around, taking in the venue, wondering what happens next and particularly wondering when they’ll get fed! When the canapés get brought out majestically by your wedding caterers – the whole experience of ‘easy to pick’ food moving amongst your guests, effortlessly being served you can’t fail to get a ‘nice touch’ response from your friends, family and loved ones. Especially food in miniature like mini-steak burgers on a bun with lettuce, onion and ketchup! Which brings me on to reason number two…

2. Your wedding guests will feel loved and special

Caviar and chips wedding canapés

It’s an extra thought that ensures your wedding guests feel catered for, cared for and treated. It’s not every day we have canapés and they’re often associated with special occasions, so why should your big day be any different?! Your guests will really appreciate the thought, attention and the experience that goes with canapés being served. What better canapé than one that creates a juxtaposition of luxury and good-old comfort food than caviar and chips! And that leads nicely to reason three…

3. Gives your wedding guests something to do

Wedding guests

So the beautiful wedding ceremony has taken place and your married (hooray!), let the celebrations begin…or perhaps it’s the photographs first?! With many weddings, guests can be left to occupy themselves whilst the bride and groom and immediate wedding party have their photographs taken to capture the day. This is a great opportunity to give your guests some time to relax, have a small bite to eat without over-feeding them and it starts getting people to mingle. Leading to reason number four…

4. Creates a talking point for your guests

Smoked salmon blini wedding canapés

The magic of food is that we can’t resist talking about it and whether you love, like or loathe a particular food what better talking point to help your wedding guests break the ice and get to know each other a little better. Often one of the struggles at the wedding breakfast can be that despite spending hours meticulously deciding on place settings and whether you think the dynamics might work with your university friends and your next-door neighbour (appreciating that not all guests’ lists consist of these folk!) sometimes it’s just a little awkward when people first sit-down to eat together. Having canapés beforehand can serve as another talking point during your caterers serving, or into the meal. One classic canapé that we think never fails is the smoked salmon blini with a little sour cream and dill – perfect with a glass of champagne. Bringing us to reason number five…

5. Canapés suit any wedding venue or theme

It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone for outdoor, vintage, folk festival with marquee tent and a BBQ

Truffle and parmesan scotch quail eggs wedding canapés

menu or if you have decided on hiring a formal venue with five course dinner to follow; canapés are so adaptable and versatile. They can be great served at any time of day whether pre-ceremony, pre-dinner or even into the evening party. Canapés can be a great way to cater for your guests if you’re having a short wedding reception, or equally great as part of a full day pre or post the wedding breakfast. Try wild mushroom and mozzarella arancini – great for a rustic, traditional Italian taste. Contrast this with truffle and parmesan scotch quail eggs – coated in truffle and parmesan mashed potato and deep fried, these colourful and delicious canapés are probably the best version of a scotch egg that you’ll ever taste! And that neatly takes us to reason number six…

6. Get experimental with your wedding catering

Cocktail sausage wedding canapés

We love getting creative with our clients’ menus and we’d certainly encourage you to think about little twists and variations that you can bring to your catering. Little details can add such a nice touch to your canapés and there are so many different food combinations that can be wrapped up into small parcels; your guests will love trying new things without fear of choosing the wrong dish on the menu. A great canapé for experimenting with is the classic cocktail sausage. One of our favourites is to glaze a pork and apple sausage with whole grain mustard and honey. There’s almost an endless list of different flavoured sausages that can be served with a variety of sauces, dips and glazes. Which brings us seamlessly to reason number seven…

7. You can give your wedding guests variety

Wedding canapés

I do recall one wedding where the food was enjoyable and well prepared, but the level of options and choice was next to nothing – if you didn’t want tomato soup, then just eat the bread roll or if you didn’t want beef, then take it off your plate and just eat mash and veg…you get the picture! If you’re a bit budget constrained and need to select a small and simple menu, then adding a selection of canapés before your guests dine can be a great way to add variety to your food. Typically guests will have between four and eight canapés each and when you think that these can be meat-based, fish, vegetarian, sweet then there’s so many different taste experiences your guests can enjoy in quick, affordable succession. Finally bringing us on to reason number eight…

8. Inexpensive but extravagant

Wedding saving catering budget

Canapés can be a relatively affordable way to offer what can seem like a lavish expense and extra special touch to your wedding day without stretching your wedding budget. Most quality wedding caterers will offer a selection of choices with at least five canapés per person at less than £10 per head. Your wedding day is such a special, one-off day that adding details like a canapés selection to your catering is well-worth the enjoyment you and your guests will have in tasting them.

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